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cSCALE Compact

Compact Mobile Controller

cSCALE Compact is a particularly compact and robust controller based on the proven cSCALE platform. With its Linux operating system and CoDeSys Runtime, the control offers the best of both worlds. cSCALE Compact is available with an optionally integrated rated capacity limitation library as qSCALE Compact. Suitable for various mobile machines such as telescopic and lattice boom cranes, telehandlers or municipality trucks, cSCALE Compact is the most compact and cost-effective addition to the portfolio of cSCALE controllers and an extension of possibilities to realize customer-specific applications.


At a glance

  • compact and robust design
  • available with integrated RCL library
  • wide range of applications

Product features

cSCALE Compact is a particularly resilient and robust controller based on the proven cSCALE platform. With its Linux operating system and CoDeSys Runtime, the control offers the best of both worlds: CoDeSys enables simplicity in programming and Linux boasts flexibility and power dealing with large files or different communication stacks.

cSCALE Compact features a fixed number of Inputs/Outputs optimized for use in many mobile machine applications. These applications range from driving different actuators to collecting data from different sensors as well as running special tasks. For example, a Rated Capacity Limiter application (RCL) is supported by the RCL/ LMI core and is available on the qSCALE Compact controller, which is a special variant of the cSCALE Compact.

cSCALE Compact is built into an extremely robust IP66/67 housing and can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C. In addition, it is resistant to shock and vibration according to EN 60721 3-5 as well as EMC protected according to EN 61000 and EN 7637.

Equipped with an ARM Cortex-A7@528 MHz processor, 140 MB DDR3 RAM and 235 MB Flash storage, cSCALE Compact enables fast processing of large machine control applications that can be programmed using CoDeSys 2.3 and/ or C/C++. Applications or libraries programmed in C/C++ will be running on top of the Linux operating system to meet hard realtime requirements. Systems designed in CoDeSys 2.3 and C/C++ are able to exchange data between each other which offers great flexibility in designing large mobile machine applications.

cSCALE Compact features a SuperCAP-based Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) module which ensures a safe shutdown of the entire control system and a backup of all running processes and RAM data when a power supply voltage drop is detected.

The visualization and administration of control variables and functions are possible through the optional WebVisu interface, which enables users to conveniently access the screens of a cSCALE Compact system using a web browser.


  • CPU module: S9 module, Linux PreemtRT, CoDeSys 2.3, WebVisu (optional), RTC
  • Processor: ARM Cortex A7@528 MHz
  • RAM/Flash/Retain: 140 MB DDR3 / 235 MB / 2 MB
  • UPS-module: SuperCap-based: complete CPU shutdown, retain-transfer RAM to flash
  • 28 I/Os: 8 AI, 12 DI, 8 DO
  • Power supply: 9..33 VDC specified operating condition, 6..36 VDC limit for under-/ over-voltage like cold-cranking
  • Ambient temperature: EN 60721 3-5: class 5K3 -40..+70°C (operating)
  • Protection rating: IP66/67 (EN 60529)
  • Shock & vibration: EN 60721 3-5: class 5M3
  • EMC: EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-4, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-4-5, EN 7637-2 and EN 7637-3
  • Software licenses: Open source software

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